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Mar 03

Movie Quotes of the Seventies – My Picks

Dirty Harry

You all know that I go on kicks, and right now is the movie quote kick.  So, in order not to leave you out of my musings, here’s some seventies movie quotes that are near and dear to me.  Of course, feel free to use them, share them, tweet them or simply read them and …

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Jan 31

Learning Curves

I’ve been doing  a lot of reading on the craft of writing these past few weeks.  There have been quite a few “freebies” on Amazon/Nook and I must admit I’m a sucker for “those who bought this book also bought…..”. Taking a break from the task of actual writing and examining the craft of writing …

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Oct 11

Blogtoberfest – Kitty Wishes

Given that it is Evernight’s two year anniversary, I wanted to take this time to pause, take a breath and reflect.  My first book,  Kitty Wishes was published a year ago this month. My first foray into the heady world of e-publishing. I’m not a prolific writer.  Piecing together a cohesive narrative with fully fleshed …

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Sep 24

Move like Jagger? How about Write like Peyton?

Those who follow my blog regularly will know that I’m a big football person.  I play fantasy football (and get cursed out by guys who don’t know that I’m a gal, or know and don’t care) and I watch the games on television and online.  I’ve been known to watch three games at once, following …

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Sep 09

Writer’s Block – Defeated!

As a writer, I’m sure that you’ve heard other writer’s complain about “writer’s block”. You’ve hit that brick wall before. I’m sure you’ve read numerous articles on how to cure writer’s block. And yet, the “muse is silent” or “can’t seem to put ‘pen to paper’”. Guess what? There’s no such thing as writer’s block, …

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