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Nov 11

Gotham Recap – The Mask

  Note:  This is a quick slapdash, done on the fly.  It most definitely contains errors, which will be fixed in the future.  Thanks, though, for reading! The episode opens with some men in Wall Street clothes, fighting in an office where the lights are flickering. It’s pretty brutal and they are beating the crap …

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Jun 12

Loving Blog Hop – Historic Interracial Couples

Although the Loving case was a historic civil rights decision as it struck down laws banning interracial marriage, there have been many, varied interracial marriages throughout history.     Joseph Laroche, 26, a Haitian-born, French-educated engineer who was moving back to Haiti because he could not find work in his profession in France because of …

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Sep 13

Football Fridays – Frustrated Tom Brady and Week 2 Matchups

Well, Geno Smith and the Jets’ one game winning streak has been broken!  Most of us were in suspense regarding the game:  Who would win? Yeah, right. Despite the gutting of the Patriots’ offense  by free agency, injuries and (alleged) murder, the Jets suffered from poor performance on both sides of the ball. I am …

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Jun 22

Retro Saturday – Slow Jams

A party on Saturday wasn’t fun unless you brought the slow jams out.  After the fast dancing, where you got sweaty, a slow song was just the thing to keep the heart rate up while the feet got a rest. Some of the time, that was when most people took a seat and you saw …

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Jun 15

Retro Saturdays – Crochet and Knit Patterns

My mother was an avid crocheter. There are bags and bags of yarn in the attic that can attest to this fact. She taught me to crochet, knit and do something called “broomstick lace” when I was a child and the yearning to create with yarn hits me on and off. I try to stay …

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Jun 07

Football Fridays – Running Backs

Running backs, also known as halfback or fullbacks (this depends on the size of the player), is sometimes the most visible player on the field. Overall, they also may have the best physique (read: hot bods) in the NFL.  Wide receivers are a close second. From the Free Online Dictionary: running back n. Football An …

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Jun 01

Retro Saturday – Eighties Female Singers

I had a wonderful conversation on Facebook the other day.  A FB friend of mine mentioned that her radio station had asked the question :  Lisa Lisa (and Cult Jam) vs.  Klymaxx.  That started a thread of conversation that sent me digging through my piles of old cassettes. Now, I do love Lisa Lisa, so …

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May 31

Football Friday – Wide Receivers

After I watched a few football games with my husband, I decided that I wasn’t going to solely depend on his knowledge and seek out some information on my own.  Plus, asking a ton of questions during the game can cause you to miss  a lot of action. So, for my readers who love the …

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May 04

May the Fourth Be with You

Say NO to May the 4th?  What propaganda is this?   The movie Star Wars, released May 25, 1977, opened up a whole new world for many children (and adults ) across the nation.  Here it was, on the big screen, basically a space opera/fairy-tale complete with a princess.  The storyline was easy to follow, …

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Apr 27

Tell A Story Day

I happened to do a bit of Internet-questing and found a list of crazy, wacky holidays. We all know about Black Month, Women’s History Month and Arbor Day, but what about National Zucchini Bread Day, Kindergarten Day and….Garlic Day? These holidays are the best because there’s something for everyone. Today, April 27th, is “Tell a …

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