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Mar 22

Horror Movie Review – Wrecker

Title: Wrecker Genre: Horror Director: Michael Bafaro IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4227282/ This movie almost WRECKED my marriage.  (See what I did there?) My husband had the day off and I suggested we watch a movie. “Hey, we’ll watch this movie. It’s terrible, but it’ll be fun! We’ll have a few laughs!” Famous last words. I’ve seen some …

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Mar 10

More than 28 Days

Emmett Chappelle, inductee for 2007 into the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Photo Courtesy of NASA.gov

  More than 28 days is a hashtag that caught my attention on Google+ during the month of February. The poster, Kymberlyn Reed, took a unique approach to Black History Month. Instead of using the #blackhistorymonth tag, she used her tag to hammer home the fact that Black History Month should certainly be “observed” longer …

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Mar 07

Cleanse Your Headspace

miss me

I haven’t done a movie review or a blog post in a long while. Not only have there been family matters to attend to – sick children, school plays and the like – but also I’ve spent too much time on social media. The occasional peek into one social media platform turned into following conversations …

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Jan 11

Music Monday – Vocalese – Moody’s Mood for Love

I dug back into the archives of my music collection for my first post of the New Year.  I’ve always loved this song, not only because of the fine vocal stylings of King Pleasure and Blossom Dearie, but also for the history behind the song itself.  Moody’s Mood for Love is a swoon-worthy slow dance …

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Dec 10

Movie Review – Flashback – Stir of Echoes


Title: Stir of Echoes Genre: Thriller/Supernatural Horror Director: Davis Koepp http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0164181 Hey there lovelies! I’m taking a little vacation for the month of the December, which means I’m cleaning house (literally and figuratively) and sussing out my goals for 2016. Which in turns means movies and music galore! It’s a relief sometimes to take a …

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