Jan 31

Learning Curves

I’ve been doing  a lot of reading on the craft of writing these past few weeks.  There have been quite a few “freebies” on Amazon/Nook and I must admit I’m a sucker for “those who bought this book also bought…..”.

Taking a break from the task of actual writing and examining the craft of writing is both a benefit and a curse.

The benefit is that I can now begin creating patterns in my writing.  No matter what we write, I’m finding out, there is an underlying structure that works its way through the storyline.  In fact, we are all writing the same stories over and over again, simply with different characters and situations.  It’s okay, though.  People love familiar structure.  For example, Jaws, Alien, Panic Room and Fatal Attraction are all the same movie.  Not the same plot, characters, etc, but if you screen all those movies, you will find the same types of scenes.  Try it.

The curse is that I clearly see all the mistakes that I have made in my published stories.  Things I’d love to go back and change.

But I can’t.  And as a constant “fixer-upper” I’ve learned to let of go that.  Almost.  I think. Sort of.

However, I don’t have to make those same errors moving forward, right?  So with my little Index Card app on the iPad, I’m creating a database of terms and scenes and reference sheets that will assist me in creating the super-perfect story that everyone will love. Right?  Right????

Or at least a story with perfect, underlying structure.

Truth is, I thrive on discovering new concepts and tips that will assist in making me a better writer.  The learning and the self-improvement never stops.  It’s like a shark – stop learning and you sink to the bottom of the pile.

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