Oct 31

Blogtoberfest – Halloween


A big thank you to those who stuck with me through my kind of blogging marathon.   I didn’t make all my days as planned, but I’m pretty pleased what I did accomplish.  Blogtoberfest was a huge help in getting my blogging off the ground, planning posts ahead of time and most of all, sticking to a schedule.   Now, I feel I can roll into NaNoWriMo with some purpose and determination.

How did I do it?  I pre-wrote a lot of the posts.  Then, I decided, for it to be a true Blogtoberfest, I should make an effort to blog every day.  At times, real life intruded, but to be honest, if I am going to be a writer….this IS part of my real life.  Treating writing as a job rather than something I merely dabbled in, I learned, is the key to making it work for me. Your mileage may vary.

Anyhoo, Happy Halloween – I’m writing this on the Monday before, because I have no idea what the situation will be on Wednesday.

Again, thank you to all who commented, stopped by and clicked!

Have wonderful, safe day!


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