May 20

Movie Review: The Battery

Title: The Battery
Genre: Horror: Zombies
Director: Jeremy Gardner
IMDB link:



In a land ravaged by the undead, Ben and Mickey must first learn to survive each other.

It’s a zombie movie. Of course I’m going to watch it, either through my fingers or like a boss, but I’m going to watch it. I liked the movie poster. I’m still a fan of the baseball move to whack a zombie skull, so to see one of the characters holding a bat…I was pretty pleased.

This is not your typical zombie movie with the characters hiding in an attic or basement, surviving on canned food and sniping at each other. Rather, this is an open movie: regaling us with the beauty of the New England countryside in summer while also reminding us of the danger that lurks around nearly every corner.

The director, Jeremy Gardner, is also one of the main characters named Ben. Ben has an epic beard and is the alpha of the two males. The second main character, Mickey, is the softer type. He walks around with headphones on, keeping the music going in his ears as he follows Ben through the woods and along the roads, basically allowing Ben to make most of the decisions and all of the zombie kills.

Ben’s growing impatience with Mickey’s refusal to cope with their reality leads to some interesting scenes that I won’t spoil here.

Overall, this is more of a character study of the two men and how they react to these new circumstance than a run-for-your-life post apocalyptic movie.

Special Effects: The effects are not the point here. If I read correctly, Gardner spent about 6k to make the film in two weeks. Don’t go into this expecting realistic splatter and gross-out gore.

Watch or not to watch?:
If you like quiet, self-contained movies and the dynamic of male relationships, then you’ll like this movie. If you’re looking for blood, gore, brains and breathless chases, you will find this movie boring.

Trivia: In baseball, the term battery refers collectively to the pitcher and the catcher, who may also be called batterymen[1] or batterymates of one another. (

Grade: A minus

Apr 07

#ListMission: Books I Re-Read Every Year



Apr 06

Featured Author: Jamallah Bergman – The Lady of Gladstone Manor

Another new release and we’ve got it here!  Author Jamallah Bergman has a new one out called “The Lady of Gladstone Manor”.  The cover is so elegant!

Title:  The Lady of Gladstone Manor

Author:  Jamallah Bergman

Genre: Romance

Length: 111 pages


Jackson Belle, the son of a prominent family of landscapers and architects whose work has been the “Showcase of the South”, goes to take what he thinks is a routine job for his father who is soon in bed after a fall. He soon finds himself going to Gladstone Manor, a home well known in town as a house that once would host grand balls and parties for the town. But is nothing more than a shell of its former glorious self. Soon Jackson finds himself diving deep within the mystery of Gladstone Manor and its owner Brooke Langley.

Brooke Langley’s life at Gladstone Manor at one time was wonderful and she enjoyed the many memories she had as a child, watching the many people coming to the parties and balls that her parents would give. But a tragic accident leaves Brooke in seclusion, afraid of what the world outside of the Manor would think of her now. It isn’t until Jackson Belle comes into her life and shows her that someone does care that slowly starts to come out to the world and soon finds true love as well.


“Let me ask you this, do you remember Mr. Langley’s daughter?”

“You mean, Brooke,” Jackson’s mother interjected as she came in with a tray holding Howard’s lunch.

“Brooke, that’s her name, right?”

“Oh yes, I remember Brooke, she was such a sweet child. Always smiling and making everybody around her laugh. Such a beautiful child with so much life in her until that evil woman of a stepmother messed her up. I remember Walter was so heartbroken by what happened. He knew they didn’t get along because they were like oil and water, they just didn’t mix well. She hated Brooke because she was the apple of Walter’s eye and a constant reminder of her late mother. She got more of his attention and her stepmother hated her with a passion because of that. When she had the accident, her father had her going to all kinds of doctors and surgeons, even sent her to Europe to see a specialist who dealt with people in her situation. After Walter died, she stayed in Europe for the longest time. Some people thought that she had passed away but then one day, word got out that groceries and other things were being delivered to the Manor.” She stared at the photo of Brooke by the fountain.

That entire day while at his father’s, they both worked on the plans for the garden. He would go from his father’s work area to his father’s bedroom to see what he thought of the plans so far.

“Sweetheart, you have a phone call. I think it’s from the Manor,” Nancy said, popping her head in the room while Jackson drew on the blueprint.

Picking up the phone, Jackson said, “Hello.”

“Hello, Mr. Belle, this is Brooke Langley calling,” a soft, mellow voice said on the other end.

“Hello, Ms. Langley, it’s nice to finally hear from you. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you, I talked with Nora and I just wanted to see what your point of view on the condition of the garden.”

“Well, I will tell you that it needs plenty of work but it’s a job that I look forward to starting. I am always up for a challenge. I told Nora I wanted you to make a list of things you might want to see in your garden. Have you started yet?”

“Yes, I have. I was trying to go by memory, but there’s plenty I want to add. I have to say I’m pretty excited that this is being done. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the garden the way it was before.”

Her voice entranced Jackson. “I can come get the list from you if you want. That way, I can show you what I have so far.” Jackson replied, hoping she would agree to meet in person.

At first, he heard nothing and thought that maybe she hung up the phone. “Hello? Are you there, Ms. Langley?”

“Yes, I’m still here. I don’t think it would be a good idea to meet just yet. I can have Nora give you the list when you get here, if that’s all right?”

“That would be just fine, Ms. Langley. But I do hope to get the chance to actually see you one of these days, face to face.”

“Take care, Mr. Belle.” She hung up.

The conversation left Jackson with a sense of accomplishment in what he’d done so far. Also, he felt curious, wondering who the woman behind the voice was.

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Apr 01

#ListMission: Today’s Playlist – April 1

I’ve embarked on a new project – making lists.  It’s a fun way to fill the time between more lengthy blog posts and it gives me the chance to pause a little and do a little digital scrap booking.  Keep an eye on this space!



Feb 24

Tuneful Tuesday: My Top Songs of the 60s

Another week is started and once again I try to revive this old blog.  Each time I declare that I’m going to post regularly, but you know what?  I’m going to take it easy and post when I can.

Today’s post is inspired by the break I was taking to day from writing.  As I surveyed new and old music on, I realized how many old-time songs (I.e. songs before my time) that I enjoyed.  I decided to gather my top five songs of the 60s.  So get out your soul beads, your round glasses and your  knitted shawls, sit back and enjoy.


5. Stand by Me – Ben E. King


4. House of the Rising Sun, The Animals



3. Sounds of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel




2.   Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles




1. I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Of course, I’m always curious to know what’s your favorite song or songs from the sixties decade.  Let me know in the comments!


Jan 23

5 Fandom Friday: Five Songs that Changed my Life

Hey, it’s Fandom Friday again!  Let me to a shout out to fellow geek bloggers Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girle for organizing this, as always.  It certainly helps me stay on the blogging bandwagon.




Any posts that have something to do with music, I’m there.


5 Songs That  Changed my life

Let’s get to it, shall we? Five songs that changed my life.


1.  Roxanne – The Police

Where can I start with this?  The spare, stripped musical arrangement?  The high, plaintive tenor of Sting?  Or the fact that this was a love song to “a lady of the night”.  I never knew what “red light district” meant before this song. i have every Police album.  Love them!


2.  In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel

I had never heard of Peter Gabriel until his album “So”.  What remarkable album!  From the soulful Superstition-esque Sledgehammer to the slow, dreamy melodies of Mercy Street, it was a great listen.  But In Your Eyes was the cherry on that music cake.  I still love the song to this day, and I’ve never seen Say Anything.


3.  Flashlight

I first heard this at a party in college, and just wow.  Nothing like George Clinton and the Funkadelics!


4.  Mc Lyte – Cha Cha Cha

Yeah, there’s Salt n Pepa, Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Roxanne Shante, but Mc Lyte is the “dopest female you’ve heard thus far’.


5.  Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

How I love Annie Lennox’s hair and her androgynous look.  And her voice, a lovely alto that has lasted through the years.



I hope you enjoyed!




Jan 12

Music Monday: Favorite Frank Sinatra Song Quotes

Sinatra SongsI’m not sure if I’ve done this before, but I was going through some old playlist and got to remembering.  Yes, I love Fuel, The Police, Imagine Dragons, Hozier and some new/old stuff, but some of the time I switch to the old 1940-1960s song book of The Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Mr. Francis Sinatra.  I am from New Jersey, so, yeah, natch, right?

As a romance writer, it helps me get in the mood to write love scenes and the interaction  of people becoming lovers when I listen to some of the great lyricists of the American Songbook.  Those writers had a way of turning a phrase and of creating metaphors and similies that evoke the feeling of love, falling in love and being in love.  I wanted to share a few of my faves with you and who better to demonstrate than Sinatra himself?


How Little We Know


“Who cares with your lips on mine…..How ignorant bliss is…
So long as you kiss me ……and the world around us shatters….”



All the Things You Are


“You are the angel glow that lights the star
The dearest things that I know are what you are…”




Fly Me to the Moon


“Fill my heart with song…..
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore…”





Come Fly with Me


“Once I get you up there
I’ll be holding you so near
You may hear
Angels cheer, ’cause we’re together…”




The Best is Yet to Come


“Come the day you’re mine
I’m gonna teach you to fly
We’ve only tasted the wine
We’re gonna drain the cup dry…”




So there you go, my blasts from the romantic past for Music Monday. I hope you enjoyed!

















Jan 09

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Things about Winter

Hey, it’s Fandom Friday again!  Let me to a shout out to fellow geek bloggers Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girle for organizing this, as always.  It certainly helps me stay on the blogging bandwagon.



It is January! Where did all the time go?  A couple of years ago, we’d all be complaining that we’re still putting 2014 on our checks….but who writes checks anymore?


bird-winter PD


Let’s get to it, shall we?  Five things I absolutely love about Winter.


1.  Getting snowed in.

As a stay at home mom, sometimes my only reason to get up early and to leave the house is to take the kiddies to school.  I am as eager as they are waiting for the phone call that will tell me that I don’t have to drive through unplowed streets, squeezing the wheel in my hands because other folks don’t know how to drive in the snow.  Plus, it’s a great impromptu vacation day supplement with movies, cocoa, and fun.  Usually the little ones let me get a little work done too.

2.  Hot Drinks

Yes, I love my coffee, but winter is the time I like to try out other hot drinks too!  I have recently discovered the love of Chai Latte without going to Dunkin’ Donuts!  The magic contained in that K-cup is far beyond Merlin could have ever imagined. There are more sample packs of flavorlicious coffee and teas offered this time of year, natch, than any other.  Love it!

3.  Cuddling Up!

My husband works for a school system, so when it snows, he usually gets  snow day too.  If we’re lucky, we get the call the night before and are then able to cuddle up, watching movies and chatting long after the little ones have gone to sleep.

4.  Scarves and Hats

If you have to go out in the cold, there’s nothing like snuggling into a warm hat and/or scarf.  I’m a compulsive crocheter and knitter, so if you reach out your hand in my house, you will come back with a hat or scarf or both.  It’s nice to know that the family–including the dog–is putting these things to good use!

5.  Sounds of Silence

There’s nothing like winter silence.  It’s that dark moment right before the cold winter sunrise that nothing is stirring, except maybe the wind.  It’s quite peaceful and fulfilling.

Dec 05

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Holiday Songs to Spread Cheer

Hey, it’s Fandom Friday again!  Let me to a shout out to fellow geek bloggers Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girle for organizing this, as always.  It certainly helps me stay on the blogging bandwagon.



It’s December!  It’s the holiday season.  Did you miss my post over at the Luscious Literaries about Five Things I Love about Winter?  If so, take a peek over there to see what I’m talking about.

But now it’s time to dust off the old Christmas playing list and get in the mood for snow, Santa and Christmas!

Santa girl with presents


Coming from a totally musical family, I was both a band geek and a chorus nerd.  Let me put it perspective – I have a clarinet in the basement somewhere and my own personal copy of Handel’s Messiah.  I guess you could say that I’m all about the Christmas music, in several keys and various languages.

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

Super classic.  Everytime I hear this one, I want to look out of the window to see if it is snowing. If it is, score 110 on Christmas!  Nat’s voice is so smooth and mellow on this song and is such melted butter to the ears.  Just wonderful to listen to sitting in front of the fire with a cup of hot…spiked…cocoa.



Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

Come on, it’s Eartha!  Who else can be coy and sexy at absolutely the same time.  I mean, I’m a huge fan of Madonna, but her version doesn’t touch this one.


O Little Town of Bethlehem

This song makes the choral nerd in me just fly free.  The perfection of the melodies, the balance of the voices and the overall lovely arrangement….it’s  great listening.


O, Holy Night  – Luciano Pavarotti


Mario Lanza, Placido Domingo….I love my tenors, but Pavaratti takes the cake.  The purity and clarity of his voice, and the way he can hit those high notes with barely an effort – simply divine – see what I did there?


Do You Hear What I Hear? – Whitney Houston

I just love this song.  When it comes on, I stop whatever I’m doing, turn it up and listen. Despite all her other problem, Whitney had a voice of the ages and she does this classic tune justice.




Come back at me….name some of your favorite Christmas songs and leave ’em in the comments!


Nov 19

Thankfulness Quotes – Quote Me Thursday

I am so pleased to be co-hosting Quote Me Thursday with Brenda from  This week’s topic, Gratitude and Thankfulness is especially near and dear to me because I try to find the silver lining in any cloud that I come across.  I do not thrive on “being down in the dumps” so I try to greet each day with a smile and a celebration of my blessings.

Here are some of the quotes that I keep above my desk in my office to keep me focused on the good things in life.


Faulkner - Gratitude

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
French Proverb - Gratitude


Unknown - Anon


Beecher- Gratitude



And some others……

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  ― John F. Kennedy


“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”    —William Blake

“Do not indulge in dreams of having what you have not, but reckon up the chief of the blessings you do possess, and then thankfully remember how you would crave for them if they were not yours.”  ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Cicero - Gratefulness

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”  ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

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This Week’s Post Features

I love to be scared.  I hate to be scared.  I have a love/hate relationship with being scared.  That being said, my post I want to feature is The Best Scary Books to Read in October. Out of the 50 scariest books of all time, I’ve had the dubious pleasure of reading nearly half of them.

I also was fortunate enough to run into this post from Writing Tips Wednesday:  Tips for Writing Horror from 5 Horror Masters.  I’m elbows deep in the second book in my zombie apocalypse (with a healthy dose of romance) series that this was right on the money for me.

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